Virginia License



All inspections, inspectors, and inspection reports are not the same.
Do you want a quick inspection with a punchlist report produced on the job, or do you want an inspection that takes as long as you need, with a well-written, well-organized, repair-oriented, easy to read report with captioned photos?
Ed takes the time to explain the information you need, he spends hours generating a personalized inspection report for you, and he is available indefinitely to answer your follow-up questions.
Remember that you are making a significant purchase and the inspection cost is minimal compared to the cost of the home. Saving a few dollars on an inspection now may end up costing you significantly more down the road.
Over 30 Years of Practical Experience:
Construction, Carpentry, Renovation, Repair,
Landscaping, Decks, Trees, Plants,
Restoration, Preservation, Painting,
Fireplaces, Wood Burning Stoves,
Insulation, Ventilation, Roofing
Over 5 Years of Inspection Experience:
Keep in mind that there are many new Virginia Licensed home inspectors. Ed also helps to train new inspectors.
Continuing Education:
Ed exceeds by 2-3 times the minimum requirements for continuing education to keep up to date on current building practices.
ASHI Certified Inspector #252659
Virginia Licensed Inspector #3380 000529
NRPP Certified Radon Measument Provider #107444RT
NADRA Certified Deck Inspector
Northern Virginia ASHI Chapter
VA Assoc of Real Estate Inspectors
BBB Accredited Business