What and Where Is Radon?
Radon gas results from the breakdown of uranium.
Uranium naturally occurs in the earth.
Radon decays into harmful radioactive elements,
which rise to the surface at different rates
depending on geology and house build.
Exposure = avg. radon level times time exposed.
This is a leading cause of lung cancer.
Short Term Radon Testing
Radon is invisible and odorless.
A test is needed to determine the radon level.
2-5 day test measures the radon level at one point in time and helps to determine if action is needed.
If the radon level is above 4.0 at any time, it is recommended to take action.
Action may include passive reduction methods, an active reduction system,  and/or further testing.
6-12 month long term test provides a more accurate average reading.
Accuracy: Closed House Conditions:
12 hours before and during the entire test
Windows and Exterior Doors: Do not leave open.
Window A/C: Normal operation OK, vent closed.
Remove window fans.
Whole house fan: Do not use.
Fireplace: Do not use.
 If closed house conditions are not met,
the radon test may be invalid.
Radon in Real Estate Transactions
The EPA recommends a radon test for home sales.
Buyers- Know the radon level beforehand.
Sellers- Ease the sale or make corrections.
Home Renovations
Renovations change the way a home system works.
A minor change may have a major impact.
Retest after home renovations.
Homeowner Knowledge
Be comfortable in knowing your home is safe.
Radon levels can be reduced. 
The EPA recommends all homes in Zone 1 (high radon potential) have a radon reduction system installed.
Fairfax County, Manassas, Falls Church are Zone 1.
Recommended in N Arlington and Rock Creek area.
Radon Reduction and Mitigation
Retest to confirm previous readings.
Retest radon levels after mitigation.
Retest after geologic changes.
Periodic testing advised.
Price $150 with inspection
$175 independent
Due in check or cash when the test is placed.
(may be combined with a home inspection)
What is radon?
How radon gets into the home.
How to reduce radon levels.
Types of radon reduction systems.


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