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"Thank you, Ed. Very comprehensive." -M.M.

"If you are looking for someone who is THOROUGH and AFFORDABLE you should hire this guy. I am very pleased. He was on time, he inspected things I would not have thought to inspect. He took proper photos and explained everything. I got the Inspection Report quickly. I highly recommend him!!!" -R.P.
"Your inspections were very thorough and really helped us make a decision." -D.M.
"Thanks for the quick turnaround on the inspection report. It's very thorough!" -T.R.
"I appreciate the thoroughness of the inspection and the time you spent educating me about the house." -L.R.
"I was very impressed with your overall knowledge and thoroughness, as well as the actual report." -C.S.
"Thank you very much for everything! We're totally satisfied with your inspection quality and customer service!" -C.N.
"Thank you so much for coming out to DC with such short notice. The information you provided was extremely useful." -K.T.
"Thank you very much for this excellent report. I learned a lot about the property and about structures in general. I hope that we can engage your services in the future if needed." -E.S.
"Thank you so much for this thorough report. The pictures that you've included will allow us to direct our contractors to the trouble spots- saves us a lot of work! We will recommend you without hesitation to our friends/family." -E.R.
"We had a very good experience working with you and I learned a lot because of your patience and clarity in explaining things. We really appreciate your willingness to spend the needed time to do a thorough inspection and answer all of my tangential questions." -D.J.
"I was very impressed by the thoroughness of your inspection and in the manner that you went through each step. I was also impressed and very thankful for the amount of time you spent with me explaining everything you were doing and the tips you gave on home maintenance throughout the process." -P.K.
"We thought you were excellent! You taught us a lot and we really appreciate your thoroughness. If and when we need another inspection we are definitely going to call you. We felt you were very honest and fair and looking out for our best interest and we can't thank you enough!" -T.W.
"We both want to thank you again for two outstanding reports! Thank you so much for all the great information! I was so nervous about getting an average or crappy inspector. I was so amazed at the time you spent and all the detail you put into the report with all the photos. It was an amazing inspection! When we passed on the first house and then found this one, the first thing we both said was "call Ed"!!!  You will be highly recommended to anyone we hear of buying a house and should we ever go through this again, you will be the first person we call!!" -J.P.
Just to be fair, the following are negative reviews, but none of the reviewers were my Clients:
I inspected the same house twice in a row, just by chance, for two different Clients. Both Clients chose not to buy the house. The house had had a fire, the attic was painted, the paint was moldy, the stair nosings were cut off, the flooring was loose, etc. Both Clients hired me again after they found a more suitable home and were happy with my service. The review is by the home seller and is quite vague:
"Incorrectly cites problems. And violates VA codes of conduct for home inspection" -Steven Cereghino
I tried to schedule with Dr. Tim White on short notice. He completed the online scheduling form, but he did not complete the online contract and he did not respond to my emails. When I called I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he was very argumentative and proceeded to try to tell me how to do business. I cancelled the inspection:
"I recommend that you DO NOT use this service. "Ed" just cancelled one hour before he was due at the property.  Ed was abrupt, rude, and unprofessional.  His computer did not receive the contract form I filled out on-line.  He admitted having trouble with his computer, but chose to blame me for a "bad link". Wrong. I told him to bring the contract with him and I would sign and pay before we went in the unit.  He hung up the phone.  Avoid this business."  -DR T WHITE
My introduction to Yelp was homeowner Craig H who blamed me for my Client choosing to not buy the house. I spoke with her real estate agent who explained that the Client was just not ready for home ownership. This was one of the best condition houses I had inspected, which I conveyed to my Client. The homeowner was not at the inspection, makes a lot of false assumptions, uses wording that is not mine, and my Client's real estate agent did not speak to him as he says:
"This company recently inspected our condo which is only 7 years old and in great condition.  When the final report was written the worst thing on it was that the HVAC should be inspected and serviced. This makes sense and is something I would want mentioned if someone was doing a home inspection. Unfortunately, when he did the inspection with the buyer he didn't keep to what he wrote in the report or he didn't explain it to her correctly.  He walked around the condo and terrified the buyer and apparently made the place sound like a death trap. The woman's realtor was shocked by the behavior and actually apologized to us about it.  Things listed in the report as minor and not a hazard were apparently played up as big deals.This included getting a certified electrician to inspect plastic socket covers, telling the buyer to install a cutoff switch on the hot water heater (this is not required by anyone and no new construction does this), and the dryer needed to be professionally dismantled to remove lint. The buyer not knowing any better walked away from a perfectly safe place after being scared to death by nonsense. If you want someone to inspect your new purchase look to someone who is more knowledgable about how homes are constructed and what is actually a safety hazard." Craig H.